World's First Intelligent Experience Guarantee Solution on the 5G-A Core Network

Updated:2024/5/13 11:47

Zhejiang Mobile and Huawei recently completed the pre-commercial deployment of the world's first intelligent and differentiated experience guarantee solution on the 5G-Advanced core network. This marks a breakthrough in hierarchical experience monetization within the industry and an important milestone in the MBB era. This solution leverages the NWDAF-empowered network intelligence and provides experience guarantee privileges for a variety of data services such as live streaming, video conferencing, and HD video watching, thereby optimizing user experiences.

As operators transition from 4G to 5G, many struggle with traffic monetization. It takes time to make progress towards experience monetization because the network is incapable of real-time experience awareness. In the 5G-Advanced era, the NWDAF-based network intelligence is introduced to the core network, which will enable the network to evaluate service experiences in real time and deliver guarantees. This will play a significant role in hierarchical experience monetization.

The experience guarantee solution enables the core network to accurately and intelligently detect data service experiences in real time. When the network detects poor service quality, it delivers guarantees based on the affected users' needs, and thus optimizes user experiences while also minimizing unnecessary resource allocation to users using high-quality services. A dedicated icon, such as "In VIP Guarantee", will be displayed on users' screens while their services are being guaranteed, and once the guarantee ends, operators will send experience reports detailing the quantitative effects of the guarantee in order to increase users' awareness of and appreciation for these services. This in turn increases customer loyalty and makes it easier for operators to monetize services in a closed-loop manner.

In addition, operators can leverage the core network intelligence to display premium icons for high-value users to highlight specific premium privileges and enhance brand recognition. The icons can be statically displayed, such as "China Mobile-GoTone" or "China Mobile-Easyown"; the icons can also change based on location, for example"GoTone VIP Lounge Service" for users in airport lounges, or special occasions, such as "GoTone Birthday Privilege" for a user's birthday.

Differentiated experience guarantees and premium icon display are new privileges which are designed to improve user experiences and increase brand recognition. Currently, Zhejiang Mobile is recruiting users to test their live streaming experience upgrade package. We hope many of you will be keen to participate.

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