New Calling Summit 2023: New Calling, New Future

Updated:2023/10/30 14:52

The New Calling Summit 2023 was hosted by Informal Tech during this year's Network X event. Ever since the first voice communications summit was held in 2004, luminaries and industry players have gathered each year to discuss new approaches and discover new technologies, with this year's New Calling Summit marking the latest one of this series of events.

Considered one of the most prestigious events in the calling industry, voice communications summits serve as a grand open platform to share best practices, map out the future of technology development, eliminate industry development breakpoints, and propel the industry forward to create a brighter future.

Calling, as a century-old industry, has profoundly redefined people's communication approach and is playing a pivotal role in promoting socioeconomic development. As such, calling services remain central to operators' corporate strategy. Moving towards 5.5G, calling will be further empowered by intelligence, better linking people and bringing about more and more applications. New Calling will deliver a brand-new experience to users, improve communication efficiency, and create greater commercial and social value.

At this year's summit, industry leaders and experts from all walks of the industry, including standards organizations, operators, network equipment providers, terminal and chip vendors, as well as other industry partners — GSMA, 3GPP, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Zain Kuwait, Turk Telekom, Turkcell, O2, Nokia, Huawei, and GlobalData — dived deep into hot topics related to the development trends, business, and ecosystem of the voice industry. They delivered inspiring speeches and exchanged ideas on the construction of basic voice networks, evolution of New Calling networks, and service innovation.

VoLTE/VoNR is positioned as the architecture of basic voice networks in the 5G era. When constructing basic voice networks, operators need to ensure that the networks are simple yet highly reliable, while delivering superior calling experiences to users. Furthermore, CS users need to be migrated to the VoLTE/VoNR basic networks at a faster pace, developing a solid user base for VoLTE/VoNR. This enables more users to enjoy upgraded calling services, and also realizes the value brought by optimized spectrum resources. Meanwhile, VoLTE interconnection and international roaming can be deployed to coordinate the sprawled and disjointed VoLTE networks, enabling users to experience superlative voice services anytime, anywhere.

The industry believes that IMS Data Channel (DC) technology is the cornerstone for the network evolution and service innovation of New Calling. The IMS DC technology has reshaped conventional calling services into interactive, immersive communications. This, combined with Network as a Service (NaaS) and native powerful compute power, will not only lift the experience of individual users to new levels, but also help tailor more diverse communication services for enterprise users, promoting the prosperity of the New Calling industry.

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