Mobile Internet Traffic Reaches 4.41 Million TB in the 7-day Spring Festival Holiday

Updated:2023/2/2 15:16

According to the latest MIIT report, the 2023 Spring Festival holiday sees a growth in mobile data traffic, with the share of 5G traffic exceeding 40%.

During the 7-day Spring Festival holiday in 2023, user access traffic of the mobile Internet reached 4.411 million TB, showing an increase of 6.3% compared with the Spring Festival holiday in 2022. Among others, the mobile Internet access traffic on New Year's Eve (Jan. 21) and the first day of the Chinese New Year (Jan. 22) reached 629,000 and 680,000 TB, respectively, showing a year-on-year growth of 13.1% and 6.3%.

Driven by the expanded 5G user size and the promotion of UHDV and VR/AR, user access traffic of 5G mobile Internet increased sharply during the Spring Festival holiday, accounting for over 40% of mobile Internet user access traffic while showing an increase of 103% compared with the Spring Festival holiday in 2022.

While mobile Internet traffic services continue to push calls and SMS aside, the unique role of SMS in prompting and verification has become increasingly prominent. During the 7-day holiday, the cell phone minutes billed nationwide totaled 52.63 billion minutes, down 1% than the Spring Festival last year; mobile SMS sent nationwide totaled 27.15 billion messages, down 6.7% than the Spring Festival last year. Mobile SMS sent on New Year's Eve (Jan. 21) reached 5.05 billion messages, up 4.1% year-on-year.

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