China Achieved "Quantum Supremacy" with the Successful R&D of Quantum Computer "Jiuzhang"

Updated:2020/12/4 18:11

The first milestone in China's quantum computing research was just successfully reached, realizing the superiority of quantum computing, which is also known as "quantum supremacy" globally.

According to news from the University of Science and Technology of China, a research team composed of Jian-wei Pan and Chao-Yang Lu of that university, in cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National Center for Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology, has successfully constructed a 76-photon quantum computing prototype "Jiuzhang", realizing the rapid solution of the "Gaussian Boson Sampling" task with practical prospects. It is reported that the name "Jiuzhang" is to commemorate the earliest mathematics monograph "Jiuzhang Suashu" (Nine Chapters of Arith China.metic) in ancient China.

According to existing theories, the quantum computing system is capable of processing Gaussian Boson Sampling at a speed one trillion times faster than the current fastest supercomputer, which is comparable to the 53 superconducting bit quantum computing prototype "Sycamore" launched by Google last year, and compared with that, its speed is ten billion times faster.

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