SMIC: Fundraising may reach CNY 53.2 billion

Updated:2020/7/7 23:40

On July 6th, SMIC organized an online SSE STAR market IPO roadshow, attracting the fervent attentions of investors.

Release note indicates that the issue price of SMIC’s STAR market IPO was CNY 27.46/share, at which point the offering has been subscribed by 29 organizations, from which a total amount of CNY 24.261 billion was accumulated. If the over-allotment option is to be performed in full, it is expected that the total fundraising sum raised by SMIC will reach CNY 53.2 billion, smashing the record held in SSE STAR market so far.

Zhou Zixue, the Chairman and Executive Director of SMIC, said in the roadshow that in the field of logic technology, SMIC is the first wafer foundry manufacturer in mainland China that has achieved the mass production of 14-nm FinFETs, representing the most advanced level of independent R&D of integrated circuit manufacturing technology in mainland China.

Speaking of the procurement difficulties of EUV lithography machines, Zhou Zixue indicated that in terms of equipment procurement, SMIC carries out its operations in accordance with the relevant commercial agreements, but refrained from commenting on the procurement of equipment units. Currently, in the company's mass production and major research projects, there is no demand of EUV lithography machines.

According to Zhou Zixue's statement, as of December 31, 2019, SMIC has racked up a total of 15,795 employees, including 2,530 R&D staff, which accounted for the total’s 16.02%.

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