CNNIC: China's Minor Internet Users Reached 175 million

Updated:2020/5/14 22:27

Yesterday, CNNIC released the "2019 National Research Report on Use of Internet Among Minors", showing that the number of China's minor Internet users reached 175 million in 2019, accounting for the Internet penetration rate of 93.1% among minors, which generally unchanged from 93.7% in 2018. This means that Internet use among minors in China will shift from the "incremental" stage to the "quality improvement" stage.

The penetration of the Internet into younger age groups has also continued to increase. According to the survey, the proportions of senior high school and secondary vocational students using the Internet for the first time before school age were 15.9% and 10.7%, respectively. This figure also increased to 18.8% for junior high school students and was the highest for primary school students at 32.9%. In addition, the Internet penetration rates were 97.6%, 97.6%, and 99.0% among junior high school, senior high school, and vocational students respectively, and also as high as 89.4% among primary school students.

The Internet penetration rates were 93.9% among urban minors and 90.3% among rural minors, indicating a 3.6% difference between the two groups, down from 5.4% in 2018.

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