InnoLight: Continuous Delivery of 800G Optical Modules for AI Applications

Updated:2023/7/11 14:36

Recently, InnoLight responded to several topics of concern from investors on the investor interaction platform. InnoLight stated that the company's 800G optical modules for AI applications are continuously being shipped and generating revenue. Regarding production capacity, InnoLight mentioned that the company currently has sufficient capacity and will arrange production plans and deliveries based on customer demand.

In 2022, InnoLight's total sales volume of optical modules reached 9.46 million units, with a gross profit margin of 29.8%. Among them, the shipment volume of high-speed optical modules was 6.18 million units, representing a year-on-year growth of 29.56%. Currently, InnoLight is one of the few manufacturers that have achieved mass production and delivery of 800G optical modules.

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