Hengtong Group: Optical Communication to Achieve Rapid Growth in 2022

Updated:2022/10/19 15:39

Recently, Hengtong Group answered questions from investors at its online performance briefings, announcing that the Group has bought 100% of the stock rights of j-fiber GmbH from LEONI Industry Holding GmbH. The acquisition could effectively improve the Group’s R&D capability in the field of special optical fiber and thereby improve its global business layout.

During the first half of this year, as the quantity and price of optical communication rises simultaneously, the supply and demand pattern of the industry improves constantly, and the construction of the state grid progresses steadily, Hengtong Group grasped the market opportunity and realize rapid growth of relevant business and improvement of its comprehensive competitiveness in the market.

According to an informed source, the export volume of optoelectronics and fiber optical products accounts for nearly 20% of the total yield of Hengtong Group, which shows the strong competitiveness of Hengtong optoelectronics and fiber optical products in the global market.

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