UNIS Earned 67.638 Billion Yuan in 2021

Updated:2022/3/29 13:29

As suggested in the 2021 report published earlier, Unisplendour Corporation Limited (UNIS) realized 67.638 billion Yuan in the reporting period, up 12.57% from a year earlier. By sector, the company's revenue from ICT infrastructure and services rose from 24.81% to 61.13% (41.348 billion Yuan); IT product distribution and supply chain services progressed steadily, contributing to sustainable optimization of the company's revenue structure; and the net profit attributable to stockholders of listed companies spiked 18.51% to 2.148 billion Yuan. H3C, one of the holding companies of UNIS, claimed 20.52% increase and 22.24% increase in revenue (44.351 billion Yuan) and net profit (3.434 billion Yuan) respectively in the corresponding period.

And it should be noted that UNIS' R&D spending expanded 14.15% to 4.881 billion Yuan in 2021. UNIS said, continuously elevated R&D spending on ICT technologies and solutions has cemented the foundation for securing rapid expansion and seizing greater market share.

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