Ren Zhengfei bids farewell to Honor cellphones: once "divorced", we will be strangers to each other

Updated:2020/11/28 09:58

Ren Zhengfei, the founder and president of Huawei, stated at the Honor farewell meeting:

“I hope that someday Honor will become Huawei's strongest competitor in the world, even strong enough to defeat Huawei. Meanwhile, once Huawei and Honor are "divorced", we will be strangers to each other. We shall properly deal with the divestiture, strictly following compliance regulations as well as foreign rules, and help each achieve their respective goals.

We are able to overcome Huawei's short-term difficulties. We don't want to drag innocent parties into the predicament to suffer along with us. However, agents and distributors in 170 countries might run out of money due to lack of resources, which might cause millions of people to lose their jobs. Vendors might also see overstocked inventory and declining sales because of our inability to purchase, which will impact the stock market. Honor offers mid-range and economy products. After the divestiture, Honor will quickly resume production under the control of Zhixin to solve the difficulties faced by upstream and downstream partners.”

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