Two Executives of Unisoc Removed from Office in Violation of Discipline

Updated:2020/4/22 23:41

According to sources, a breaking incident occurred in the chip manufacturer Unisoc: Wu Di, general manager of the intelligent terminal division, and Chen Jiefeng, department head of marketing management, were removed from office for serious violations of discipline.

As shown in internal documents, Wu Di and Chen Jiefeng "entertained the head of the rival's sales department (former head of Unisoc sales department) to persuade Wang, who was going through the departure process, not to return to the United States but join the rival's company. Then they falsely claimed to entertain customers and reimbursed in violation of regulations."

This incident vacated various high-level positions in Unisoc.

Unisoc has distributed a sharply worded internal letter to all employees, warning those who put self-interest above the company.

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