5G-A QoS Guarantee helps optimize XR experience at the Migu Asian Games

Updated:2023/11/23 09:48

Recently, Huawei cooperated with China Mobile Research Institute and Migu to test Migu XR game services at the 19th Asian Games and successfully completed the first verification of XR service experience optimization technology based on frame-level QoS guarantee. In this test, the number of concurrent XR applications is increased, and the system capacity is increased by five times, providing effective support for real-time XR service experience.

Frame-level QoS guarantee is an end-to-end (E2E) solution for XR services proposed by China Mobile and Huawei. China Mobile takes the lead in 5G-A XR and multimedia enhancement work in 3GPP SA2 and serves as the reporter. The frame-level QoS assurance technology is the key technology capability. In this technical verification, the application of this solution in Migu XR game services exceeds the expected effect, and the user capacity is increased by five times. This test also verifies the intelligent identification, intelligent layering, and differentiated scheduling of service flows. The core network can accurately identify XR game services from multiple services, such as audio, video, and XR game services, and implement differentiated QoS guarantee for the basic layer and enhanced layer through intelligent layering. This effectively improves system capacity.

The pilot of "XR service experience optimization based on 5G-A frame-level QoS assurance technology" for the Hangzhou Asian Games is the first verification of 5G-A XR enhancement technology and a test of key technologies supporting XR by China Mobile's 5G-A collaborative innovation base. This paper demonstrates the effectiveness of the E2E frame-level QoS guarantee technology of the core network and base station in increasing the number of concurrent XR applications for Migu XR games, which will further promote the development of XR services in the 5G-A era.

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