Huawei Revenue 2022H1 : 301.6 Billion CNY

Updated:2022/8/17 14:48

Lately, Huawei released financial results for the first half of 2022. The company scored a sales revenue of CNY 301.6 billion, alongside a net margin of 5.0%. Apart from the sales revenue, the company has also showcased the data of operator business income (CNY 142.7 billion), enterprise business income (CNY 54.7 billion), and terminal business income (CNY 101.3 billion).

"Although the terminal business has been greatly affected, the ICT infrastructure business has maintained steady growth. We will actively seize the development trend of digitization and low-carbon development and achieve quality by creating value for customers and partners,” said Hu Houkun, Rotating Chairman of Huawei.

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