HiSilicon Promoted by Huawei into Tip-top Level Department

Updated:2022/3/31 14:13

Huawei was noticed releasing its 2021 Annual Report very recently, along with its most updated business architecture prior to 2022 therein. HiSilicon, previously a tier-two division under the 2012 Lab’s supervision, has now been singled out and regrouped into a tier-one department on par with the company’s cloud computing and smart car business units, Huawei Cloud and the Intelligent Automotive Solution (IAS).

Due to US’s sanctions, Hisilicon's high-end chip OEM business was suspended, which also led to the disastrous decline in Huawei's smartphone business. HiSilicon’s restructuring within Huawei has not only shown Huawei’s commitment to the semiconductor brand, but also highlighted Huawei’s intention to raise the HiSilicon’s stature up its business architecture.

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