Smartphones with Beidou-3 Short Message Service Coming Soon

Updated:2021/10/12 16:27

Large-scale Beidou applications are now at a critical stage for market-oriented, industrial and international development, entailing efforts in three facets, namely, new understanding, scientific application and efficient promotion of Beidou, Gao Weiguang, Deputy Director of China Satellite Navigation Engineering Center, said at the lately convened "2021 International Summit on Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) Applications".

He then added, BDS high-precision applications built in smartphones practically tested to fulfill 1m-level high-precision positioning are piloting lane-level navigation, which will later cover the majority of leading brand phones. Later this year, mobile phones built with the Beidou-3 short message feature will be unveiled, which is indicative of the prevalence of Beidou applications by then.

Gao also noted many achievements made in BDS innovative and integrated applications in recent years. For example, breakthroughs have been made in Beidou+5G indoor/outdoor integration which is now verified to implement meter-level seamless navigation and positioning indoors and outdoors. Further endeavor will be used to promote BDS interdisciplinary integration with information communication, IoT, autonomous driving, AI, 5G, and blockchain among other strategic cutting-edge technologies and provoke new business forms and industries for rapid growth through integration and innovation.

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