Li Zixue: ZTE to Rebuild Its End-Device Brand in 2021

Updated:2020/12/31 17:09

Li Zixue, the chairman of ZTE Corporation, said in his New Year speech on Wednesday that ZTE should attach equal importance to COVID-19 prevention and business development amid the complex global landscape and a pandemic that is set to make its way through into 2021. The company will increase its R&D investments and seize the opportunity presented by 5G to improve its market position and boost its market shares, the chairman added. ZTE has shipped 33% of the 5G base stations globally by the third quarter of 2020, putting itself comfortably on the second position globally.

Looking into 2021, in terms of R&D, ZTE promises to remain committed to technological innovation, with the view to upgrading the capacity of R&D platforms, investing more in chip manufacturing and other core technologies, as well as perfecting the existing product safety mechanism. Moreover, ZTE also aims to make a substantial leap in the value chain and increase its market shares inside and outside China with its globalization strategy. Furthermore, the company will also be intensifying its effort to expand the government-enterprise collaboration market by providing more compatible products for the market, establishing better collaboration channels, so as to accelerate relevant developments. ZTE is also committed to rebuild its end-device brand by reinforcing its overseas market, comprehensively drive the Chinese 2C market, and empowering the end-device channels.

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