Hengtong India takes social responsibility in the epidemic

Updated:2020/4/17 15:09

The COVID-19 pandemic has almost brought the world down to its knees. Not only have developing countries like India, but the developed nations are also struggling to keep up with the speed at which the deadly disease is spreading. As of April 17, more than 12000 cases have been confirmed in India.

Hengtong is committed to taking initiatives that will benefit the local community.

Hengtong’s Indian subsidiary£¨hereinafter referred to as "Hengtong India"£©clearly understands the shortage of basic masks and hand sanitisers, which are unfortunately not reaching out to the strata of our society who are more vulnerable to the virus.

Hengtong India is reaching out to marginalized communities such as rural areas of Khed city to help the people there fight the battle against this crisis. It has distributed face masks and hand sanitiser kits to over 2500 families in the villages in and around Khed, Chakan area, as well as the police people and security personnel there. The idea is to help them to cope with the Pandemic.

As taking the right measures of wearing a mask and washing or sanitizing hands regularly will prevent the transmission of this deadly virus, Hengtong has risen to the occasion and is trying its best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Khed City, Pune, India.

Hengtong India’s efforts and contributions can save many vulnerable lives. In the face of the great epidemic, the whole society needs to take action and fight against it with its own actions.

By:SHUI YI  Source:C114
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