Vodafone and Baicells jointly display OpenRAN RRH during MWC 2018

Updated:2018/2/27 10:42

BARCELONA, Spain—February 28, 2018--During Mobile World Congress 2018, Vodafone has shown where they are going about OpenRAN. Among that, there is one innovation from Baicells: OpenRAN RRH, which is as well shown at Baicells booth.

Actually six months ago, Baicells signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Vodafone to have cooperation on OpenRAN. Under frame of MOU, Baicells would concentrate its Research and Development capabilities on OpenRAN based on option2, option7, etc. While today at MWC 2018, Vodafone and Baicells both exhibited OpenRAN RRH, which runs on part of split protocol stacks and has 3 RRH in one box, making it highly integrated.

OpenRAN is an important trend where telecommunication industry will be going. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the demands for mobile data, current wireless network is faced with some challenges, such as lack of efficient interconnection among heterogeneous wireless networks, and customized QoS not guaranteed between services. The primary cause behind these challenges lies in closed and ossified radio access network.

For addressing these problems, OpenRAN is proposed. It is an architecture for software-defined RAN via virtualization. RAN solution will be disaggregated into different modules, just like Lego toy bricks.

OpenRAN is with significant and revolutionary values for mobile operators. One Telecom Network will not locked in any more by one or two vendors, but massive vendors could provide different equipment for different network modules. Therefore, telecom operators could flexibly optimize network performance and users’ experience at an economical cost.

Meanwhile, different services or application experience will be largely improved. Applications’ requirement is vary from one to another. For example, VR demands downlink rate to be 10 Gbps, While, self-driving car need 1ms as the latency. Legacy networks ignore these differences and just supporting them with the same network characteristics, therefore leading to low QoS and QoE. Base on virtualization and SDN control strategy, OpenRAN provides open, controllable and modular network, so that mobile carriers could deploy the slicing network according to different application requirements. Then telecommunication will deeply integrated with vertical industry.

As the kick-off of TIP OpenRAN Project, Baicells would also actively contribute as what has been done in Vodafone OpenRAN project. Based on the rich experience on multi-vendor integration and strong R&D of RF and hardware, Baicells has confidence to provide Open solution with completive performance as well as cost.

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