CBN Builds 578,000 700M 5G base stations

Updated:2023/8/21 16:49

During the 2023 China Computational Power Conference held in Yinchuan, Ningxia, Song Qizhu, Chairman of China Broadcasting Network, stated in his keynote speech that under the guidance and coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the broadcasting and television (BTV) 5G service was launched in June last year, forming a new pattern of integrated development of cable, wireless, and content. In June of this year, the national fixed cloud service network, Internet backbone network, and integrated content public platform of China Broadcasting Network were officially launched, marking the network's capability to support the national cultural special network and its comprehensive basic capabilities for the main battlefield of Digital Intelligence, Computing, and Transmission (DICT).

According to Song Qizhu, China Broadcasting Network has achieved significant results in the construction of 5G networks. China Broadcasting Network, in collaboration with China Mobile, has built and shared 578,000 700M 5G base stations, with over 3.8 million 4G/5G base stations in use. The 700M 5G network has achieved coverage in towns and above.

There are currently 44 operational data centers and 11 under construction. On August 18th, the first phase of the China Broadcasting Network's Zhongwei data center in Ningxia was completed and the China Broadcasting Network's Ningxia data room building on Beijing Road in Yinchuan was successfully put into operation. It will serve as an important node for the broadcasting network's "East Calculation, West Algorithm" strategy. China Broadcasting Network will accelerate the construction of a direct network connection for data center clusters, promote the evolution of broadcasting cloud services towards full-stack cloud service capabilities, and deploy the integration of the broadcasting network and computing network.

Song Qizhu emphasized that China Broadcasting Network is firmly committed to pursuing a path of distinctive and differentiated development, adhering to the integration of computing networks and content, and the organic combination of culture and technology. It aims to leverage digital capabilities to facilitate changes in production methods, lifestyles, and governance. In terms of network development, China Broadcasting Network will accelerate the construction of the national cultural special network and utilize the cultural computing system to empower the elements of cultural resources.

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