China Unicom's R&D investment to reach 15.4 billion yuan this year

Updated:2023/6/30 15:55

During an event held on June 27th, China Unicom set up a section called "Pursuing the Light" to showcase the latest achievements of China Unicom in the construction of the technology innovation system, the creation of a research atmosphere, major technological breakthroughs, and serving national strategies, as well as the research and development layout in key technical areas.

Liu Lihong, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Unicom, emphasized in his speech the importance of adhering to technological innovation and cultivating strong momentum for high-quality development. He called for deepening the "Four Innovations," which include innovation in network infrastructure, key digital technologies, digital technology integration, and industrial cooperation ecology. He also stressed the active role of China Unicom in technology innovation, industry control, and security support. He emphasized the need to serve the overall situation and empower the digital transformation of various industries. He also emphasized the implementation of the overall layout plan for the construction of a digital China and the focus on the "2522" framework to serve the overall layout of the "Five-in-One" strategy. He highlighted the importance of attracting high-level talents, cultivating specialized and innovative capabilities, and enhancing the combat effectiveness and influence of the industry.

It is reported that China Unicom attaches great importance to technological innovation and has further increased its investment in research and development. The research and development investment in 2023 will reach 15.4 billion yuan, with 1.2 billion yuan invested in key core technology research and development. This represents a steady increase from the previous year. This year, China Unicom also revised and released the "China Unicom Technology Innovation Award Measures," which provides significant rewards of 1 million yuan for each project that achieves international leading technological levels.

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