China Unicom Witnesses an Increase of 3.068 Million Subscribers to its 5G Package in January

Updated:2023/2/22 16:02

On February 20th, China Unicom released its business performance data of January 2023. The data indicated that by the end of January, its 5G package subscribers amounted to 215.795 million, an increase of 3.068 million from the previous month. Subscribers connected to its IoT terminal amounted to 395.41 million, and subscribers of big connections added up to 872.746 million.

In addition, the number of customers of virtual private network service in the 5G industry reached 4,012, an increase of 207 from the previous month. Authorized patents counted up to 88 in January, and the number for the whole year of 2022 added up to 1666.

China Unicom noted that the company is fully devoted to implementing the new concept for development, building a new pattern for development, and promoting high-quality growth, revolving around the notion of “Cyber Power, Digital China, Smart Society”, following the company’s guideline of “1+9+3” strategic planning system, focusing on five major businesses “Big Connection, Big Computing, Big Data, Big Application and Big Security”, ceaselessly forging ahead toward the main direction of the digital economy, and striving for the new future of the digital economy.

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