Over 10,000 Industrial Virtual Private 5G Networks built across China

Updated:2022/11/17 19:31

At the 2022 China 5G Development Conference held on November 16, Zhang Yunming, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology talked about what is going on in the 5G area. By the end of September 2022, China has erected and run over 2.22 million 5G base stations, realizing a 5G coverage over all urban areas of domestic prefecture-level cities and counties; the number of 5G industrial virtual private networks has exceeded 10,000; the number of 5G cellphone users has reached 520 million; 30 plus kinds of industrial gateway, smart wearable device and other terminal have hit the market. Nowadays, 5G technology are already being applied and promoted in industry, medicine, education, transportation, and other sectors, totally involving 40 categories of the national economy.

Evidently speaking, the 5G technologies are booming with features including dynamic innovation, expedited integration, and sustainable growth. Referring to the development in 5G area, Mr. Zhang offered four pieces of advice. First, remain committed to a moderately forward-looking strategy in building a new infrastructure of modern information technology; second, strive for the upgrade of 5G services in both quantity and quality to forge new engines for boosting the real economy; third, maintain the driving force of industrial leaders, and form a new architecture of industry chain and supply chain; fourth, uphold the principle of opening up and cooperation so as to usher in an unprecedented win-win situation underlining the mutual benefit of international communities.

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