Unicom Beijing Builds the Worlds Largest Wide Bandwidth Network of 200M

Updated:2022/10/6 21:09

Unicom Beijing has built the world's largest wide bandwidth network of 200M. Up to now, more than 3,000 sites of 200M have been opened, covering largely the urban area of Beijing. This marks another milestone of 5G network.

According to Yang Lifan, vice president of Unicom Beijing, the wide bandwidth network of 200M is like a widened road. A widened road allows more cars to drive faster while lessens the burden on other roads. Similarly, the network of 200M achieves multiplied capacity and experience compared with the original bandwidth of 100M, thus providing much better application and awareness. As the network load grows, it remains leading service awareness.

Unicom Beijing has also introduced a lot of “magical” technology for this advanced network, including Power Boosting. Power Boosting adopts Huawei's exclusive and innovative algorithm to pool the transmit power resources. Under constant total power, it achieves unified and flexible scheduling, service-adapted power distribution, and dual-carrier equivalence.

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