1 Billion+ 5G Messages Sent by China Mobile per Month

Updated:2022/9/27 17:10

As indicated in the Report on the Progress of 5G Messaging delivered by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) earlier, the three telecom carriers have now entered into pre-commercialization (China Mobile and China Unicom commenced pre-commercializing 5G messaging in June 2020 and November 2021 respectively) and commercialization (China Telecom put 5G messaging into commercialization in January 2022), with relevant fee rates, operation policies and access specifications disclosed.

Up to late May 2022, China Telecom saw 350 million 5G messages sent (including fallback messages) via 100+ CSPs accessed, which are projected to hit 1.2 billion (including fallback messages) and 200 respectively by December 2022; via hundreds of CSPs accessed and over 1,000c chatbots fulfilled, China Mobile enables monthly transmission of over 1 billion 5G messages (including fallback messages), which may rise to 1.5 billion (including fallback messages) sent via over 2,000 chatbots launched by December 2022; nearly 2 billion 5G messages (including fallback messages) have been hitherto sent by China Unicom, leveraging nearly 200 CSPs and over 400 chatbots fulfilled, which is estimated to surge to 1.2 billion (including fallback messages) via over 1,000 chatbots by December 2022.

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