257,000 5G Base Stations Built in January-May 2022

Updated:2022/6/28 14:35

Till the end of May 2022, 1.7 million 5G base stations were erected in China, the MIIT announced earlier. Representing 16.7% of mobile base stations nationwide, 275,000 5G base stations were built in the first five months of the year, up 2.4% from December 2021.

Statistics also show that China boasted 1.03 billion Internet broadband access ports till the end of May 2022, a net increase of 12.38 million from December 2021. FTTH/O ports expanded 19.31 million to 979 million in the corresponding period, whose percentage rose from 94.3% to 95.1%. Up to the end of May, 10G PON ports with gigabit network service capacity surged 2.533 million from late 2021 to 10.39 million.

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