1.291 Million 5G Base Stations Cumulatively Built in China

Updated:2021/12/9 13:52

Speaking at the 2021 IMT-2020 (5G) Conference, MIIT Chief Engineer Han Xia noted positive results delivered in China's 5G building.

Till the end of this October, China cumulatively built 1.291 million 5G base stations, achieving 5G network coverage of all prefecture-level cities and above 97% of counties and 40% of rural towns across the country and completion of over 2,300 industrial virtual private networks; 5G smartphones and modules were lowered to CNY 1,000 and CNY 500 respectively in the minimum and neotype end-user devices sprang up one after another, such as industrial gateways, vehicle-mounted terminals and intelligent wearable devices; and over 470 million end-user devices connected to 5G network and 28.7% in 5G user penetration rate suggest 5G has been used in the bulk of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries and even commercialized in some key fields thereof.

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