China Telecom's 5th Basic Network Rolles out

Updated:2021/11/12 13:48

In addition to the Mobile Network, Broadband Network, IoT and Satellite Network,China Telecom announced the launch of its fifth basic network "E-surfing Articulated Naturality Web (ANW)" on November 11.

The company's Assistant GM Tang Ke affirmed their commitment to building the world's biggest ICP-level video backhaul and processing network. During the period of "The 14th Five-Year Plan", China Telecom plans to realize access of over 100 million ANW-based video terminals and drive industries worth over one hundred billion Yuan with enhancements to social capacity and system of digital governance.

As a basic network, E-surfing ANW features high-speed ubiquity, cloud-network integration, secure reliability, and nationwide coverage. Leveraging ANW's cloud-network integration, China Telecom has established E-surfing ANW Intensive Operation Platform. Breaking the conventional isolated mode of deployment in video surveillance, the platform bears a galaxy of core capabilities for differentiated operations: mass data placement and multimodal access; second-level fulfillment and positioning with accuracy; secure and solid access to cloud; cloud-edge coordination and flexible capacity expansion; centralized network management and standard operation & management.

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