Pre-commercial Service of 5G NR Broadcast during the Olympic Winter Games

Updated:2021/9/3 11:14

On September 1 when the 2021 World 5G Conference was held, deputy general manager of China Broadcast Network Zeng Qingjun attended the New Audio-Visual Forum and delivered a keynote speech with the theme of “Latest Progress of the World’s 5G Broadcasting Led by China Broadcast Network ”.

According to Zeng Qingjun, both of the two transmission tests are generally satisfactory including the one conducted in Beijing from the end of last year to the beginning of this year and the other in Shanghai recently. Besides, we'll also conduct a 5G NR broadcast test in Nanjing as soon as possible.

Cellular networks emphasize transmission for hand-held terminals while TV towers focus on fixed transmission (received by conventional antenna). In the future when 5G receiving modules lower down its price, all the terminals configured with 5G receiving modules are able to change to a “TV” anytime and anywhere.

Zeng Qingjun said, we would apply to Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, for example, that 5G base station should be installed on the transmission towers of CCTV as well as other districts and counties. Then public services like emergent broadcast can be conducted for a specific community.

Pre-commercial service of 5G NR broadcast is planned to be carried out during the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. With R15-based 5G phones to realize functional services and constant upgrading of software, pre-commercial service of 700MHz can be achieved under the mixed mode of 5G cellular base station plus TV towers through the wired-and-wireless integrated platforms and the whole platform for emergent broadcast.

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