Results Announced for Centralized Procurement of 2.1G 5G SA Wireless Main Equipment

Updated:2021/8/3 10:34

On August 1, China Telecom and China Unicom disclosed successful bidders for the joint centralized procurement project of wireless main equipment (2.1G) for 5G SA construction project in 2021. Of the 5 bidders for the project, 4 vendors including Huawei, ZTE, DTmobile and Ericsson were eventually finalized.

As noted in the previous bidding announcement, the centralized procurement covers about 242,000 stations and the maximum bidding price is RMB 20.532 billion (excluding tax). In principle, the number of successful bidders in this centralized procurement is 4, and the top 4 candidates in the comprehensive score win the bid, whose share marks the percentage of quantity in the project.

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