ZTE exclusively Won the Bid for China Telecom's ATG Centralized Procurement

Updated:2021/7/1 12:27

Recently, according to news from China Telecom's official website, ZTE has exclusively won the bid for China Telecom ATG ground network (wireless network and core network) construction project. The announcement says, the purchase content of China Telecom's ATG ground network construction project includes 157 sets of single-frequency sites, 300 sets of dual-frequency sites, 1 set of wireless gateway, and 2 sets of ATG core networks (Beijing, Shanghai).

The ATG project that China Telecom publicly bid for is to achieve ground-to-air broadband communication through ground base stations, which need to be constructed along flight routes or specific airspaces to cover the upper air, that is, to directly transmit information to the aircraft through these ground base stations.

To ensure the service quality of China's civil flights, China Telecom has allocated 100MHz frequency of telecom resources, integrated with aviation mobile frequency 10MHz, adopted the method of hybrid networking and combined with E-surfing cloud resources to customize a 5G ATG air-to-ground cloud private network for China's civil aviation, and plans to complete the network construction in the third quarter this year to achieve network coverage of national routes, and the airworthiness of the airborne equipment was synchronized. This will make the peak bandwidth in a single aircraft reach 1Gbps, allowing passengers to enjoy high-speed bandwidth while flying.

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