Song Qizhu: CBN Planning to Advance 700MHz 5G Network Coverage within Two Years.

Updated:2021/5/29 11:16

While delivering a speech themed by Building and Strengthening CBN Network, Leading the Era of Digital Intelligence at a special seminar of the CCBN 2021 dated May 27, CBN Chairman Song Qizhu noted the company's plan to "give priority to mobile networks, complemented by cable networks", in a bid to build a new network featuring fixed/mobile integration (FMC), cloud-network collaboration, powerful functionality and technical advancement. Consequently an IP-based, cloud-based, intelligent and integrated cable+5G network pattern will take shape, fulfilling full interconnectivity, extensive connection, and integration of broadcasting & TV and communication technologies.

Through joint construction of shared 5G minimalist network with speediness, Mr. Song said, CBN has entered into an agreement on joint construction and sharing, worked out a two-year plan for realizing network coverage and completed equipment modeling and technical testing. Now CBN is mainly working on improvement of the plan of "construction concurrent with operation"; it will promote 700MHz 5G network construction as planned; and it will put number segment 192 into commercialization nationwide step by step.

In addition, CBN will also propel cable network upgrading and transformation based on cloud-network collaboration at faster pace. Accordingly it will take five concrete measures: Gigabit network expansion, cloud-network collaboration, dual Gigabit network upgrading, platform construction and multi-network integrated development.

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