China's VNO Users Exceeded 100 Million

Updated:2020/12/25 10:20

Yun-feng He, the co-founder of ASIAOTT Tech, stated that with the strong support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the mobile resale leaders of the three major operators, China’s Virtual Network Operators (VNO) have been authorized number segments of 162/165/167/170/171, totaling 500 million number resources. With the efforts of 39 virtual operators, the domestic users of VNOs have exceeded 100 million in six years, forming the world's largest mobile resale market.

Yun-feng He indicated that although VNOs still confront real-name authentication, harassing calls, spam messages, brand promotion and other problems, they have also promoted rollover data, no domestic roaming charges, unlimited data packages, economic international roaming charges, eSIM and other innovations in the field of mobile communications. With the VNOs consistent efforts in solving problems and carrying out market innovations, China is becoming the most dynamic market in the field of global mobile communications.

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