China Unicoms 9 Billion Shares of Restricted Stock were Desterilized

Updated:2020/11/5 09:57

A few days ago, China Unicom’s 9.037 billion fixed-increasing shares were lifted from the ban. According to subsequent reports, the three-year floating loss of investment by nine lifting institutions was 18.6 billion yuan, including China Life Insurance, Tencent Cinda, Baidu Penghuan, JD Sanhong, Ali Ventures, Suning, Kuang-Chi Internet, Huaihai Ark, and Aegon-Industrial Fund.

Does that mean the failure of "reform toward mixed system"? Obviously, the answer is no. In the short term, there are lots of factors that affect the stock price. It depends not only on the fundamentals of business operations, but also on the "track" where the enterprise is located. Moreover, it also requires to pay attention to the turbulent global environment.

From the perspective of the global environment and corporate track, the situation is quite unfavorable for telecom operators including China Unicom. While on the contrary, China Unicom has achieved quite good market performance. Moreover, driven by the “reform toward mixed system”, China Unicom has achieved improvements in corporate structure governance, business enhancement, technological innovation and personnel optimization, and has played a role as a bridgehead for the transformation of the entire telecommunications industry.

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