Users of China Telecom IoT has reached over 200 million

Updated:2020/9/4 10:04

According to data from China Telecom E-Cloud on September 2nd, its IoT clients have exceeded 200 million, in which clients of NB-IoT have reached almost 70 million. The connection quantity of NB-IoT ranks the 1st among the globe and NB market occupancy ranks the 1st of the industry. Meanwhile, China Telecom’ s IoT open platform owns more than 30 million terminal accesses, more than 1,000 sorts of terminal adaptation, and over 30,000 IoT developers.

Users of China Telecom's IoT cover industries of public utilities, Internet of Vehicles, retail services, smart homes, industrial IoT, smart logistics, etc. In particular, it has occupied leading position in public utilities industry such as water supply and gas supply.

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