CMCCs Self-developed IoT Operating System OneOS was Officially Launched for Commercial Use

Updated:2020/6/19 22:08

In the era of Internet of Everything, the complexity of application scenarios determines that IoT applications will encounter various new challenges, while traditional embedded operating systems can no longer handle these situations.

Therefore, China Mobile launched OneOS, a 5G-oriented real-time operating system for the Internet of Things. The system supports cross-chip platforms, interconnection, end-cloud integration, and end-to-cloud overall security design, and is capable of meeting various application requirements in the era of interconnection.

OneOS aims to provide comprehensive support for developers in terms of technology, network, platform, and data. Technology: OneOS follows Apache 2.0, so developers are permitted to develop commercial products without any restrictions; Network: OneOS supports new technology features such as 5G slicing, which helps developers build industry-leading 5G applications; Platforms: OneOS supports the tripartite platforms such as CMCC OneNET, OneLink and Ali Cloud, allowing cloud platforms to empower applications; Data: once choosing OneOS, you are given priority to accessing China Mobile's massive data, accurate portraits, etc.

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