China Unicom Announces its Investment Footprints

Updated:2019/10/19 17:46

Zhang Fan, general manager of China Unicom Innovation Venture Capital Company, announced in September the launch of an FOF on 5G innovation, worth RMB 10 billion at the first stage.

He also disclosed that China Unicom owns another 5 investment funds, namely

China Unicom Innovation (Chengdu), which manages two funds. One is the China Unicom Innovation worth RMB 600 million, 50 million of which is from China Unicom Innovation Venture Capital and the rest is raised from the society. The fund has been under operation for 2 years. The other one is Gongqingcheng China Unicom New Industry worth RMB 40 million.

China-CICC (Shenzhen), which operates RMB 2.4 billion, 550 million of which is from China Unicom and the rest is publicly raised. All partners of this fund is contributing their first 50% of their subscribed amount.

China Unicom Kaixin (Guangzhou IoT), the total fund size of which is RMB 10 billion, with 3 billion being under public contributions.

China Unicom Xinwo (Shanghai), which is an angel + VC fund worth RMB 10 million. A total of RMB 49 million has been invested during the past 2 years of operation.

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