China's Private Broadband Operator Dr.Peng Quits Head-to-head Competition with 3 Major Operators

Updated:2019/4/4 15:33

Recently, Dr. Peng announced to establish the GreatWall Communications Service Co., Ltd., of which the major businesses include outsourced installation and maintenance of base stations in communities, construction and maintenance of new energy infrastructure, installation and maintenance of all fixed networks for original GreatWall Broadband users and users of all major telecom operators, as well as internet terminals, smart home devices, home networking debugging, and other internet services.

As the largest private broadband operator in China, recently Dr. Peng quitted the head-to-head competition with basic telecom operators on the fixed network at home from the point of strategy and turned to provide installation and maintenance, outsourced maintenance service.

Dr. Peng is said to adopt GreatWall Broadband in the home broadband market. The half-year report 2018 of Dr. Peng shows that GreatWall Broadband accumulatively covers about 0.11027 billion users and 13.18 million users in service in 212 cities.

Later GreatWall Broadband will transform to communications service, to allocate individual home broadband users to China’s three major telecom operators. Its 40,000 employees will offer installation, operation & maintenance, installation, and maintenance of micro base stations, as well as smart home service, joint debugging and optimization of network, and communications and internet service.

Looking back, Dr. Peng just spends less than 10 years from heavy investment on the acquisition of GreatWall Broadband to crushing defeat.

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