China Telecom VoLTE Trial Starts in Q4

Updated:2017/7/28 21:27

China Telecom will begin trials of VoLTE among the friendly users in the forth quarter of this year in order to raise the voice business user experience, Lu Liangjun, marketing deputy general manager of China Telecom Group said at the 9th E-surfing Smart Ecosystem EXPO which was held on July 28.

This year, China Telecom has completed the refarming of 800MHz band, largely improving the covering capability of 4G network, however, how to guarantee the voice services for the whole-network users becomes a priority due to the reduction of network frequency points of CDMA.

The company has early prepared a response plan, Mr. Lu noted.

China Telecom has carried out VoLTE whole network construction since Q4 of 2015, basically completing the network construction by the 1Q17.

It focused on the construction in six regional nodes including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu and Xi'an, adopted two-tier architecture of flat networking and took the lead to introduce NFV technologies.

The telco set out to invest more than 3,000 human resources in the whole-network test of VoLTE in the first quarter this year, covering over 20,000 items.

China Telecom hopes VoLTE trials among the friendly users will help achieve high-quality voice service, continuous and stable service and service in smooth succession.

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