China Telecom to Eliminate Long-Distance & Roaming Charges from September

Updated:2017/7/28 15:13

Yang Jie, chairman of China Telecom, said at the 9th E-surfing Smart Ecosystem Industry Summit the company will accelerate the broadband speed improvement and tariff cut and entirely cancel the long-distance & roaming charges since September 1, expected to benefit 80 million subscribers. Meanwhile, it will lower the Internet dedicated line fees and international roaming fees.

Yang Jie said China Telecom these two years has invested over CNY230 billion to network construction and broadband speed improvements and tariff cut.

The broadband access rate on average has been raised by 131 percent and 95.6 percent respectively in two years, reaching 50Mbps; the average broadband access unit price has fell 59 percent and 54.9 percent in two years; the mobile phone access rate has risen to 300Mbps; the average mobile traffic unit price dropped 57.4 percent accumulatively.

In 2017, China Telecom has added 100 billion renminbi to investment in network construction which drives "improving the speed and cutting down the tariff", and it is estimated that 26 million subscribers will benefit from this.

The broadband speed improvements and tariff cut will be a strong driver of the all-network mobile phone market, which will maintain a rapid growth and witness a sales of over 360 million units in 2017 as expected.

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