SARFT May Become China Unicom's New Shareholder Offering 700MHz Band

Updated:2017/7/6 17:11

A research report, according to ETNet, says China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, or S.A.R.F.T., plans to offer the 700MHz band to China Unicom and get the shares of the later in exchange. We should have confidence in China Unicom and S.A.R.F.T. reaching the deal, it takes time though, as the report suggests.

It is noteworthy that S.A.R.F.T. has been all along involved in the rumor.

The mixed ownership reform is not easy. Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom said in May that the mixed ownership reform encompasses ten ministries and commissions.

700MHz, recognized as the "golden band", has been controlled by S.A.R.F.T. for some historical reasons, and the telecom operators are jealous of it.

S.A.R.F.T. once gave the 700MHz frequency band to the State Grid Corporation of China which will set up a company jointly with Citic Guoan Group in charge of the operation of 700MHz band. It is said that S.A.R.F.T. wants to build its own LTE broadband mobile network, which was unanimously solicited by the telecommunications industry experts.

It is reported that S.A.R.F.T. keeps testing the use of 700MHz spectrum. It would be great for the telecom industry if the spectrum was gained by China Unicom through its mixed ownership reform.

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