China Telecom, AT&T Signed Cooperation Agreement

Updated:2017/6/27 18:02

China Telecom and AT&T signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on June 26.

China Telecom and AT&T, according to the agreement, will take advantage of the leading communication network and technologies in order to offer more advanced network services for the transnational enterprises in China and help multinational corporations improve their multinational and global business growth, based on the long-term relationship.

In the future, the two companies will explore cooperation in the Internet of Things (IoT) platform and solutions, expand support for the global IoT solutions and serve multinational clients better; they will develop cloud-based large data new applications and data analysis to help companies improve operation efficiency and develop new products, services and business models; they aims to start bilateral roaming tests to explore the capabilities of high-definition voice VoLTE roaming services; they will help users use SDN solutions and platforms.

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