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MIIT Clarifies Allocation of 6GHz Frequency Band

Updated:2023/6/29 17:24

The long-awaited allocation and use of the 6GHz (6425-7125MHz) frequency band have finally been settled.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued a new version of the People's Republic of China Regulations on the Radio Frequency Allocation, which will officially take effect on July 1.

In this revision to the Regulations, MIIT has taken the lead worldwide in allocating all or part of the 6425-7125MHz frequency band for IMT (International Mobile Telecommunications, including 5G/6G) systems. As one of the few high-quality large-bandwidth resources in the mid-band with both coverage and capacity advantages, the 6GHz frequency band is particularly suitable for the deployment of 5G or future 6G systems, while also leveraging the existing advantages of the mid-band 5G-based global industry. The establishment of its regulatory status in this revision is conducive to stabilizing the expectations of the 5G/6G industry, advancing global or regional allocation consistency of 5G/6G spectrum resources, providing necessary mid-band frequency resources for 5G/6G development, and promoting the development in mobile communication technology and industrial innovation.

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