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Total 5G Base Stations in China Hit 2.287 million

Updated:2022/12/28 18:07

The cumulative revenue of the telecommunications business reached 1450.4 billion yuan from January to November, up by 8% year-on-year, and the total amount of telecommunication service calculated by the constant price of last year witnessed a 21.4% increase from last year, according to the Economic Operation of Telecommunications Industry from January to November in 2022 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

5G network construction is steadily advanced in terms of communication capability. 2.287 million 5G base stations are built by the end of November, with a net increase of 862,000 over the previous year, which account for 21.1% of the total number of mobile base stations, up by 6.8% from last year.

Meanwhile, network coverage and service capability of gigabit fiber broadband are in ongoing enhancements. There are 1.065 billion Internet broadband access ports nationwide by the end of November, achieving a net increase of 47.21 million against last year. Among them, there are 1.019 billion FTTH/O interfaces, with a net growth of 59 million against last year, which accounts for 95.7%, increasing by 1.4% compared with last year. Moreover, there are 14.16 million 10G PON ports with the capability of Gigabit network service, presenting a net increase of 6.303 million from last year.

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