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Tibet on Course to Surpass the 719,000-mark in 5G Users

Updated:2022/12/7 18:28

The Communications Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region reported that as much as 8,099 5G base stations have been erected in Tibet, of which 1,439 were newly established in 2022. The ongoing construction has opened 5G access to primarily Party and government institutions, hospitals, schools, residential areas and large commercial areas, expanding its coverage across 74 urban areas and key townships.

Statistics revealed the presence of 719,000 5G users in Tibet, who have been able to benefit from the in-depth coverage of key application scenarios and the relatively extensive gigabit optical fiber networks already in place.

In recent years, Tibet has stepped up the scale of its 5G coverage expansion, optimized indoor 5G network coverage in the main urban areas of the seven municipalities, strengthened in-depth coverage of traffic-dense areas such as transportation hubs, large venues and scenic spots, pushed forward the extension of 5G networks to counties and townships, optimized 5G coverage in scenarios such as industrial parks, factories and mines, as well as promoted the construction of 5G virtual private networks. Furthermore, the depth and reach of mobile communication network coverage have been further improved in agricultural, pastoral and remote areas.

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