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Jiangxi Achieves 5G Network Connectivity "in All Townships"

Updated:2022/11/9 17:22

Jiangxi Provincial Communications Administration recently released information on the operation of the province's information and communication industry in the first three quarters. According to the data, Jiangxi's information and communication industry continued to develop rapidly in the first three quarters, with an increase in both the quantity and quality of digital infrastructure. The province has achieved 5G network connectivity "in all townships", with 13.5 5 5G base stations per 10,000 people.

According to information, in the first three quarters of 2022, Jiangxi's 5G network coverage had been expanding. There were 304,000 mobile phone base stations, up 10.6% year on year. Of the 62,000 5G base stations, 20,000 were newly built this year, exceeding the annual target of 18,000.

The province completed a total of 32.21 billion yuan of the telecom business, up 27.1% year on year. There were 46.06 million mobile phone users in the province. The number of 5G users soared to 14.618 million, up 87.3% year on year, accounting for 31.7% of the total number of mobile phone users.

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