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MIIT Approves China Unicom to Re-farm the 900MHz Spectrum Resources for 5G Systems

Updated:2022/11/7 17:18

According to the information released on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), MIIT has recently approved China Unicom to re-farm the 904-915/949-960MHz frequency range (the 900MHz range) resources and apply the same to 5G systems. 

The 900MHz frequency range features low propagation loss, wide coverage, high penetration capability, and low network deployment cost. It is a globally recognized “golden” frequency range for public mobile communications, and also the main frequency range for early 2G public mobile communications. This approval by MIIT will further expand the low-frequency 5G industry space in China, promote the coverage of low-frequency 5G networks, and better help people in rural and remote areas access high-quality 5G services. 

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