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Three Ministries: IPv6 Active Users to Reach 700 Million by the End of This Year

Updated:2022/4/27 13:33

Recently, the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, National Development and Reform Commission, and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the 2022 Work Arrangement for In-depth Promotion of Large-scale Deployment and Application of IPv6.

The Work Arrangement specifies the objective for 2022: by the end of 2022, the number of IPv6 active users will reach 700 million, the number of IoT IPv6 connections will reach 180 million, and IPv6 traffic will take up 13% in that of fixed network and 45% in that of mobile network. The carrying capacity and service quality of network and application infrastructure will continue to improve. IPv6 will have network performance indicators comparable to IPv4’s, and even better than IPv4’s in some aspects. Application infrastructures such as data centers, content distribution networks, cloud platforms, and domain name systems will provide in-depth support for IPv6 services, with the IPv6 address allocation function enabled by default. The "IPv6+" technology ecosystem will be further completed, and the scope of industry integration applications further expanded. IPv6 support in government portals at or above the county level will reach 85%. IPv6 support in major domestic commercial websites and mobile Internet applications will also reach 85%. Meanwhile, IPv6 network security protection will also be substantially improved.

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