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MIIT: Basic Telecom Enterprises Choose the Lease of Related Tower Facilities Independently

Updated:2021/8/12 10:45

According to the information published through the WeChat official account of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), a response was made to the question proposed by the public, "For the business that private enterprises operate and build 5G towers and lease them to operators, it requires applying for a license from MIIT. Is that true?"

According to the statement of MIIT, there is no relevant license required by MIIT for the construction of communication towers, and basic telecommunications enterprises are allowed to independently choose to lease relevant tower facilities. Regarding the co-construction and sharing of tower facilities, MIIT put forward relevant requirements for basic telecommunications enterprises:

1. Don't build if it can be shared. 2. Don't use alone if it can be shared. 3. Effectively implement safety responsibilities.

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