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MIIT: To Cancel the Examination and Approval of Foreign-invested and Operated Telecom Businesses

Updated:2021/7/6 14:17

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC (MIIT) issued a notice on deepening the reform of the separation of operating permits and business licenses. As it shows, from July 1, 2021 on, the reform would be put into force involving 18 items with regard to operating permits and business licenses in the fields of industry and informatization. And reform measures include direct cancellation of examination and approval, the implementation of an informing and pledging system, and streamlining services of the examination and approval.

On a national scale, the MIIT would cancel the formalities of the examination and approval of the foreign-invest and operated basic telecom businesses and the value-added telecom businesses of category 1 and 2, and would no longer approve and issue the Opinion on the Examination and Approval of the Foreign-invested and Operated Telecom Business. Meanwhile, the administrative formalities of foreign-invested businesses would be included in those of the examination and approval of the operating permits. Thereafter, these foreign-invested entities would need not to handle above formalities relating to the administrative license, nor to submit corresponding administrative license documents prior to carrying out their business operations.

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