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MIIT: Planning Next Year's Base Station Building on Principle of Advancing with Appropriateness

Updated:2020/11/27 10:24

Addressing today's "2020 World 5G Convention", MIIT Vice Minister Liu Liehong raised the principle of advancing with appropriateness for promoting 5G network building step by step. Catering to various scenario-based requirements, high-quality 5G networks will be built on demand with greater coverage in depth. Right now the MIIT is working out next year's base station building plan with carriers.

Mr. Liu also called for international cooperation in various levels, including technical standards, frequency, industry, application, security, etc., where international organizations, e.g., ITU or 3GPP, are inspired to play a part. Through technical R&D cooperation on 5G and later 6G, relevant parties will build a mutual trust system and probe into a world-recognized 5G device security mechanism to cope with the technical challenge in 5G network security and build up a sustainable and robust development momentum of global mobile communication industry.

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